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Discover the curiosities of this tropical paradise

If you want to know and fall in love with Costa Rica, these curiosities that we will tell you will make your visit to this destination a reality, because without a doubt this country is a place full of life, magic and color, where despite its small size it has become the ideal destination for lovers of nature, peace and adventure.

  1. Costa Rica is the happiest country in the world

The country of pura vida is considered the happiest and most peaceful country in the world, the reason is not only because of the kindness of its people but also because it does not have an army, it was abolished since 1948. One of the Few countries in the world, since only 21 countries have this condition, which has bet on peace and makes significant investments in other areas such as education, health and environmental protection.

  1. The spheres of Costa Rica

The well-known oil spheres of Costa Rica are located in the south, specifically in the area of the Osa peninsula and the Isla del Caño are considered one of the most important cultural samples worldwide; it is about more than 500 pre-Columbian petrospheres dating from the years 400 to 500 AD.

The indigenous people of the Diquis culture created these spheres in an almost perfect way, which is why they are currently considered cultural heritage of Costa Rica and in 2014 UNESCO chose a set of these Diquis stone settlements as a world heritage site.

  1. Cocos Island

Cocos Island is considered one of the magical places in Costa Rica and this National Park, declared so since 1978, has a biodiversity of flora and fauna that is unique in the world with more than 2600 species and is considered a true treasure. natural and for that reason it is protected.

This place is ideal for scuba diving and thus be able to marvel at the world that lies below the surface. In 1997 it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

  1. The Pure Life!

More than a simple phrase Pura vida! It is the official greeting of Costa Rica and it is something that you will hear many times when visiting this country, the most traditional way to say hello, say goodbye and even raise your spirits.

This popular phrase is a symbol of joy and enthusiasm typical of this country, an expression to celebrate and smile when saying it, which is why it is also considered the happiest country in the world.


  1. Ban on sport hunting

Costa Rica is the first country in Latin America that prohibits sport hunting by popular initiative, as well as the use of animals for shows such as circuses and any other type of entertainment.

In this destination there is a culture of protection towards all its species and also towards nature. Costa Rica is a green country that seeks to promote life and safety for all wildlife.

Did you like these curiosities? For these and many more reasons, Costa Rica is a magical place that will recharge you with good energy and good vibes, an ideal place to spend an unforgettable vacation and continue in this way discovering everything it has to offer.

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