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Which is the principal religion in Costa Rica?  Show it below.

Religion is a relevant topic for a large part of the world population and depending on the place where you are or the one you decide to visit, it is important to know what their customs and traditions are as well as the festivities that are celebrated.

In Latin America you can find that there are different cultural manifestations and beliefs inherited from its historical origins, hence, Costa Rica stands out for being the only country in the American continent that in its constitution contemplates the Roman Catholic religion as the official religion.


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Religious freedom in Costa Rica

This condition of Costa Rica having an official religion does not prevent or limit its inhabitants’ freedom of worship, hence, the existence of other religious manifestations is not prohibited, which implies total tolerance and respect between the different religions that are practiced. in this beautiful Central American country. 

At least 80 religious practices can be counted and this variety in the country is since it has received large immigration from different latitudes, the Costa Rican territory is considered a very peaceful place to live and is classified as the happiest country in the world.

It should be noted that although most of the religions in Costa Rica are characterized by being Christian such as the Catholic religion or the so-called protestants such as the evangelical, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons among others, you can also find another non-christian group such as the Islam, Buddhism and additionally to these religious minorities are added the ancestral manifestations practiced by the native Costa Rican aboriginal populations.

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Religious customs in Costa Rica

The Costa Rican position regarding Catholicism as the official religion means that its customs and traditions revolve around Catholic religious festivities, which is why it is very natural that images of Catholic saints can be found in many homes and public places also even in their cities have named as saints names related to this religion.

Between the most important religious traditions, the celebration of the Virgen de los Ángeles, patron saint of this country. This celebration is a national holiday and is celebrated on August 2. However, throughout the territory there are different celebrations such as the festivities of the Virgin of Guadalupe that is celebrated on November 1, the festivities of the Holy Christ of Esquipulas in Santa Cruz among others. 

Catholic religious festivities attract international tourism and allow visitors to discover the wonders that Costa Rica has to offer and at the same time profess their Christian faith in this way, and ask the saints for their health and prosperity. 

Visitors and tourists will have the opportunity to enjoy during their stay the wide range of cultural and musical activities that each town prepares for all attendees, always leaving an experience that combines devotion to the divine and healthy entertainment.

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What to visit in Costa Rica?

In Costa Rica you can find impressive churches and basilicas, among these are the Basilica of Our Lady of the Angels, the church of San Rafael in Zarcero, the church of San José Osorio, the Sacred Heart of Jesus Cathedral, the church of San Rafael, the Mary Help of Christians, among others.

These masterful structures are considered true works of art full of devotion and history which fascinate visitors and can be found in many parts of the Costa Rican geography, they are places that you should definitely not miss on your trip to this beautiful country. 

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