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Explore every corner of this paradisiacal destination

If you are thinking of traveling to Costa Rica, here we will tell you what is the best time to do so, so that you can enjoy everything that this beautiful country has to offer.

Costa Rica has become one of the best tourist options, since it has everything you are looking for and much more, that is why it is the country: PURA VIDA! It mixes the best natural landscapes, paradisiacal beaches and vegetation with mountains, rivers and waterfalls that will make you not want to leave this Central American destination.

El clima de Costa Rica

The weather in Costa Rica

Something important to take into account when traveling to Costa Rica is the climate and it is necessary to keep in mind that it is a tropical region in which there are two seasons: the rainy season in winter and summer, although in reality in this the latter can also rain but more sporadically.

The rainy season in Costa Rica is considered the low season and runs from the months of May to November in which it can be very common to see a shining sun during the day and rain in the afternoon. On the other hand, in summer -which is considered high season- rainfall can be much less frequent and this occurs from December to April.

The climate of this beautiful country is temperate and pleasant throughout the year, averaging between 21 and 27 degrees.

Playas de Costa Rica

When to travel to Costa Rica?

Any time of the year is recommended to travel to this tropical paradise, because Costa Rica has a lot to offer and the weather is not an impediment for it. Something important is that in the low season the prices can be cheaper both in the ticket office and in lodging, so if you are looking to save, it is a good option to organize your trip between the months of May to November. Another advantage of the rainy season is that the vegetation is in all its splendor offering the best colors of nature and in which you can observe birds and all the diversity of fauna that exists.

In the summer season, for your part, although the prices are a little higher, you will be able to enjoy the beaches, the sand and the sun, having the privilege of having the option of going to the Caribbean or Pacific beaches, one of the advantages offered by this Central American country.

If you want to travel during the high season, remember that you must book in advance, especially in December. Although there is a greater influx on the beaches, there are many good options to choose from and it is recommended to purchase tourist packages, guided tours and activities in advance in order to live the experience to the fullest.

Guia de viajes Costa Rica

Beaches, mountains, rivers and much more!

Costa Rica has innumerable places to offer its visitors, so whatever the date you choose, you will be able to enjoy beaches,

mountains, rivers, waterfalls and much more. This country has a great biodiversity of fauna and flora and is therefore ideal for outdoor activities.

In the rainy months, you just have to keep in mind that it occurs mostly in the afternoon, so it is preferable to go to the beaches in the morning and leave early if the distances are long.

Tirolina a fortuna

Plan your trip to this destination

Choose the best option to travel according to your budget and your preferences! Without a doubt, getting to know Costa Rica is having the opportunity to enjoy all the magical places it has to offer, as well as enjoying its gastronomy, its culture, and its people.

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