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Terms & Conditions

Driver’s License

The client must present a valid and unexpired driver’s license that includes a photograph of the client. Driver’s license must be valid for the entire rental period and in good condition. The license must have at least 2 years since its issuance. If the license is in a language where the letters are not from the Latin alphabet, such as Russian, Japanese, Arabic etc., you must present a valid international license. Proof of entry is required at the time of rental (passport entry stamp), citizens must present an official identification (cédula).

Deposit Requirements

EC Rent A Car Costa Rica accepts the following credit card brands for rental deposits: Visa, Master Card, American Express. Cash or debit card deposits are not accepted.

Payment Methods

EC Rent A Car Costa Rica accepts payments by credit card, debit card and bank transfers. All charges are charged from the moment the rental begins. We do not accept cash payments.

Age Requirements

Minimum Age: 23.
For renters age 21 to 22 a U$10 + tax surcharge applies.


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